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(no subject)
nazi donald
I don't want to sound like a dick or nothing, but
Everyone seems to be jerking off over it and I say no, James Cameron. I say fuck you, and I hate you, and you suck, and I won't see your dumb movie. I'ma go see the Princess and the Frog again. Merry Christmas!!

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I agree with this statement.

sanity in a world gone mad!

Honestly, I've not seen anyone at all who's enthusiastic about Avatar. I think it's all marketing - everyone I know could give two shits.

I know a few people... I was afraid the stupid unwarranted excitement was far spread. I HOPE THIS FILM FUCKING FAILS.

The reviews have been awful, so it just might. But then, people are stupid, so it probably won't.

I-is that icon the mall-walker?

It is. I screencapped her and the expression was perfect for WTF-related posts :)

*wipes tear away* I knew I could count on you.

As a film student, this pretty much makes me sick. My parents were watching the news yesterday when I came home, and I went in to say I was home, and they made me watch a little thing on Avatar. All these people were saying how it's the ~*~wave of the future~*~ and honestly, I don't see it. All James Cameron did was take motion capture technology and use it through his whole movie. I mean, did these people forget when Peter Jackson used it for Gollum? That was a big deal, that was the first time it had ever been used for an entire person/character. All James Cameron did was use it for his whole fucking movie.

'Break-through' my big asshole.

EXACTLY! If this movie just came out and existed, and the marketing wasn't all "IT'S WAY MORE GROUNDBREAKING THAN IT ACTUALLY IS", I'd be like "ok"
But um, James Cameron, you're not super original. Did you not know Monster House happened?

(Deleted comment)
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