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(no subject)
sad doof

Leave a comment saying, "They cut off my beard and forced me to eat it" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

Sgt Hatred
Is the best Venture Brothers character. Its easy for me to say that, despite loving just about every single character so very much, but Hatred's jolly appearance and unusual proclivities paired with his lovable personality and the fact that he knows he's done wrong and wants to make good.. I just.. It gets me right here (sniff)
Obscure Animation/Classic Animation
What can I say here? I fukken love cartoons, the well known stuff AND the weird awkward unusual stuff. Today I hung out and watched Intergalactic Thanksgiving, Rock and Rule, Animal Treasure Island and Sit Down Shut Up, all of which are kinda offbeat choices. I think I love all cartoons, even some pretty bad ones, because I acknowledge and respect the inspirational spark in the heart of every animator.
Gay shit
I love me some gay shit, it's true. Deep down I love the defiance and bravery it takes to go against the current. I also love the situation of.. a woman knows better than a man how to please another woman. Same goes for dudes. Aw yeah. ;D
I lik Nintendo! The 3 video games that own me when I was a kid(and still do!) are the game boy versions of tetris, pokemon blue and harvest moon. I also have a giant crush on Bowser, Wendy O. and Birdo.
The best zombie movie ever is Shaun of the Dead. I love that movie so very very much. The gore and sprecial effects and humor and characters are amazing. I will continue to love it even though zombies are a pretty tired cliche in pop culture right now.


FINALLY A TUMBLR. Right now I'm posting pictures from my phone. It will likely replace lj and facebook for me in the near future.